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For a while I just had a single-page website. I used to add new bits of information on a regular basis. And then I looked at my website one day and I realised I had added so much stuff that it was just unreadable! So, I had a clear-out and moved some things to this new page! You are welcome to look at these videos and people have told me it helped them to get more of a feeling about me and my tutoring and so helped them make a decision.

I have a library of over 500 interactive maths videos that I use to compliment the in-tutorial learning. I regularly make a new video to help with a particular student's needs (perhaps a learning point or help with a confusing question in a past-paper). I also have another technological trick available which is a homework whiteboard application that I mark and give feedback on remotely.

Here are just a few example videos to give you an idea of the resources available.

If the videos seem to go by fast that is because they are mainly for consolidating learning points that have already been covered in a tutorial and not for learning from scratch. However, I will tailor the use of the videos to individual students and so a fast learner may be given these to look at before we cover a topic.

How to Find the Area of a Triangle 5 Different Ways (UP3) (YouTube)

When Can We Ignore Brackets? (YouTube)

Regular and Irregular Polygons Two Useful Techniques (YouTube)

Integration Overview for UP4 (YouTube)

Fast Summary of Triangle Question Approaches (UP3) (YouTube)

Five Fast Triangle Questions with Worked Answers (UP3) (YouTube)

What is a Vector? It Represents the Total Change. (YouTube)

Sometimes Factorising Helps With Rearranging Equations (UP3) (YouTube)

The Two Ways of Doing Simultaneous Equations (UP3) (YouTube)

Why Write 1 When Doing Indices (UP3) (YouTube)

7 Indices Questions in 3 Minutes (UP3) (YouTube)

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