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Payment for Tutorials

You are always welcome to "pay as you go" one session at a time. Alternatively you can use a prepayment method to save yourself time and me time. Because it saves me time I offer a discount.

All the below options can be paid by cash, direct debit into my bank account, PayPal or the PayPal link below allows anyone to use credit and debit cards. Apologies, but I cannot accept cheques.

My Bank Account Details

Direct Via PayPal

You can make direct PayPal payments to and either add a note to the payment or contact me afterwards telling me what the payment is for.

Credit/Debit Card Payment Links

Select from the drop-down box:

A PayPal account is not needed as you can checkout as a "Guest".

Credit Card Payment Links (US Dollars)

Select from the drop-down box:

A PayPal account is not needed as you can checkout as a "Guest".

Other Information

My personal favourite writing tablet for online tutorials is the Wacom CTL 471 (link to listing on Amazon) which I have used for many years. It does not need a battery in the pen and I find the writing smooth.

If you owe me for more than one previous tutorial I will not run another tutorial until the money you owe me has been paid.

If you cancel a tutorial with less than 24 hours notice I still ask you to pay. The only exception is if I manage to fit in another student at short notice. If I have to cancel less than 24 hours before a tutorial I will give you a free credit.

You need to message me if you make a payment by bank transfer (unless we develop a different, specific arrangement personally for you). It is time consuming for me to log on to my bank account and manually look through recent transactions when I do not even know if a payment has been made: but simple for you to message me a brief note when you pay.

Refunds are not available on prepayments. If you are not sure simply pay for one tutorial at a time. The discounts are purposely not too big so as to be fair on those unable to find a lot of money in advance. If you cannot afford my tutorials remember I offer free help with maths via my YouTube channel and welcome requests for new content to help with your specific needs.

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