I enjoy helping with Maths (also working on self confidence and problem-solving skills at the same time)

My name is Dr Duncan James and I tutor/coach Maths in Poole, Dorset. My goal is making Maths easier for all levels. I have helped students:- pass Entrance Exams with distinction; get the grade they really need for College or University; achieve a crucial C grade for future job prospects; minimise the effort to get A* grades at GCSE, iGCSE and A-Level to free up revision time for other subjects. Whatever your level, I will improve your performance.

Duncan laughing at a maths joke in a typically fun maths tutorial."There is a sense of fun, I am a positive person and my maths tutorials are tailored to individual learning styles. My passion is to unlock a student's potential in maths and also encourage a confidence that transfers to a student's whole life."

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You can phone on 07757 574942 or email on drduncanjames@gmail.com. If you want to make a payment I have a payment page.

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My "mission statement" is to give my students:

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I have a PhD, years of teaching experience and a track record of unlocking massive performance gains in my students. However, my approach is fundamentally about making the tutorials fun and relaxed. Successful people are often smiling, happy and relaxed even in the face of problems: my maths tutorials encourage this. If you want further insight into my positive approach to learning maths you might look at some of my maths videos.

How to Find the Area of a Triangle 5 Different Ways (UP3) (YouTube)

When Can We Ignore Brackets? (YouTube)

Integration Overview for UP4 (YouTube)

Graphs of Odd and Even Powers of Polynomial (YouTube)

A bit more information about me: I have experience of researching, teaching and marking exam papers in Maths and Science. In 1995 I completed my first degree in Physics. In 1999 I completed my PhD which included a mathematical treatment of acoustic scattering new to science. Prior to that I gained awards for Maths throughout my studies including winning the Maths Cup at a large secondary school. I often scored 100% in Maths tests/exams and now share the secrets of my success with my students. I enjoy working as a Maths Tutor and have a track-record of supporting students through their studies. Note, I always recommend telling the student that it is just a "try-out" and that they can decide whether to carry on with the tutoring after a couple of sessions.